Dear residents and business owners,

A Sphinx Quarter (Sphinxkwartier) where good business, working, living and recreation are in balance. With attention to space, sustainability, safety and a clean city. That is what entrepreneurs, residents and visitors want.

Zero Emission City Logistics (ZES) is the introduction of a Zero Emission Zone from 1-1-2025 by the Maastricht municipality. Delivery vans and trucks running on petrol, diesel, LPG or hybrid will then no longer be allowed to simply drive in and out of the city centre. Fewer CO₂ emissions and fewer kilometres make an important contribution to maintaining healthy, attractive and safe city centres, and therefore to economic vitality. What questions do you have?

Come to the City Logistics Café. Especially entrepreneurs, but also residents are welcome. We want to explore with the entrepreneurs of the Sphinx Quarter the ZES challenges and opportunities for this area and connect them to smart (city) logistics mobility solutions. That’s why we think your coming is so important. Among others, director-owner Albert Berghof and logistics manager Yoshi Claessens of Blanche Dael will talk about the solutions they have come up with or will realise to continue doing good business in the future! Getting started with ZES is easier with some help and especially with each other.

Come to our Stadslogistiek Café ‘Sphinxkwartier op weg naar ZES’ on 20 September at Blanche Dael, Aan de Brikkebouw 10. Maastricht from 18:00 to 21:00 at the latest. Info and registration:

Third Stadslogistiek Café ‘Sphinxkwartier op weg naar ZES’ | Maastricht Bereikbaar (only in Dutch)

We cordially invite you to participate in the City Logistics Café. We will answer your questions as concretely as possible.

Kind regards,

Jelle Ummels                                                                                         Patrick Bulté

project leader Stadsaanpak Maastricht Bereikbaar     chairman Sphinxkwartier Foundation

The City Logistics Café is a collaboration between Stadsaanpak Maastricht Bereikbaar, Centrum Management Maastricht and Stichting Sphinxkwartier. More info On the road to ZES Maastricht | Maastricht Bereikbaar